The type of material being brought to RSTW for processing must be clearly defined with an AISI material designation or equivalent. If the material designation is a steel manufacturer’s special designation, a Material Data Sheet must be sent with the material. Material designations such as Alloy Steel, Tool Steel, High Speed Steel, Stainless Steel, Oil-Hardening Steel, Air-Hardening Steel, Water-Hardening Steel are categories or groups of different steels and do not define the properties of steel enough to allow RSTW to process the material properly. Terms such as CRS (Cold-Rolled Steel) or HRS (Hot-Rolled Steel) are particular ways steels are produced at the steel mills and do not define the material or steel well enough for RSTW to process it. Any Alloy Steel from 1008 to 4140 or 8620 can be either CRS or HRS.

AISI designations that will allow RSTW to process your material might be 1010 CRS, 12L14, 4140, 6150, etc. for Alloy Steels; A-2, D-2, H-13, A-6, O-1, S-7, etc. for Tool Steels; M-2, M-4, T-15, etc. for High Speed Steels; and 416, 420, 440A, 440C, 304, etc. for Stainless Steels.